Every day these cute furry friends happily greet us at home, caress, blink a friendly cheerful look which immediately makes the soul warm and pleasant.

We know for sure that our product makes dogs much happier. Please your dog with dried treats made with natural by-products.
Dogs give us their unconditional love expecting nothing in return.

Dried treats are a real source of vitamins necessary for the health and proper diet of dogs

The company "NATURAL" is engaged in production of natural dried treats for animals. We have our own production that is located in Lviv region.

We have a wide variety of products and we are confident in the quality all of them, because in the production we use only professional equipment and special technology for drying raw materials according to which the product does not lose its quality and nutrients.

We also work in accordance with the HACCP system, which guarantees the production of safe products through the identification and control of hazardous factors.
We made our treats only with high-quality raw materials that is why they are very tasty.
Long-lasting treats will save your furniture and clothes from permanent damage. In addition, our treats are used in training as an incentive element. .
Quality raw materials
Health benefits
Treats are good for dog health. Our delicacies will help to normalize digestion, improve the condition of the skin and hair, as well as perfectly clean the teeth from food residues.
We do not use dyes and preservatives and all treats are made with a special drying mode, which allows to preserve all the qualities and nutrients.
We will be happy to provide individual professional consultation in the selection of treats for your dog.

We take into account the preferences and needs of the dog depending on age, breed and health condition.
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